Bluefield High School Class of 1971
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Bluefield High School Class of 1971 - 1971 BHS Class Trivia

1. Which two teachers were siblings?
A - Chris Perry/Phyllis Smith
B - Stephan (Skip) Gibbs/George Fanning
C - Jack White/Donald Kesinger
D - Glen Carlock/Rosanna Reaser

2. Miss Senorita taught Spanish.  What was her real name?
A - Dorthy Hetzel
B - Jacquelyn Browder
C - Jack White
D - Katherine Gonano
E - Martha Richardson

3. What kind of car did Harry Stump drive?
A - Corvair
B - Valiant
C - Corvette
D - Pinto
E - Chevy pickup truck

4. George Fanning taught biology.   What did Mr Fanning do during the summer?
A - Drivers Ed
B - Mowed Grass
C - managed the Bluefield Orioles baseball field
E - taught summer school
F - relaxed,nothing special

5. Which teacher was featured in Readers Digest
A - Glen Carlock
B - Jack White
C - George Fanning
D - Jacquelin Browder
E - George Brooks

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